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​What is a Realistic Dildo?


A realistic dildo is a sex toy that has been designed like a real lifelike penis, with a flexible shaft and realistic vein details. The realistic dildo is usually flesh colored and quite often comes with a pair of lifelike balls attached. You can use a realistic dildo for vaginal, anal, or oral penetration, to heighten masturbation, or to add a whole new dimension to sex with your partner.

Maxdge is a professional realistic dildos manufacturer and supplier in China. Maxdge can provide the realistic dildos and other sex toys for ODM/OEM services to customers and wholesale our own branded items to customers.

All Maxdge realistic dildos are made from food grade liquid silicone material, which are soft and close to human skin feel. And we have different sizes from 7.8” to 9.3”. Maxdge have many different types of realistic dildos, such as, liquid silicone suction cup dildo, double layered suction cup dildo, silicone realistic dildo, colorful silicone dildo, double ended dildo, etc.

What are the advantages of Maxdge realistic dildos?

1. Maxdge uses the silicone material for realistic dildos has certified by FDA and RoHS, so it’s safe to use.

2. Maxdge realistic dildos are highly realistic with bulging veins and detailed texture.

3. Maxdge is constantly developing new functions and strong motors for the realistic dildos.

4. All the Maxdge realistic dildos are our private mold, and we keep develop the new type of realistic dildos at least 8-10 molds each year.

5.Maxdge realistic dildos’ quality are stable and reliable, and conforms to CE certification standard.

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