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Company Advantages

R&D: Maxdge has a professional R&D team, 3 Electrical engineers, 5 Structure engineers, 3 Mould engineers, and 2 Material engineers,within many years of sex toys experience.

1. Maxdge can provide the stylish and ergonomic product appearance design, masterly production technology, and strict requirements for the product quality;

2. Maxdge do provide the ODM and OEM service for clients.

Manufacturing: Our factory was founded in 2005, located in Shenzhen, China. Within about 18 years developing, almost of products are our private molds.

1. Maxdge is very strict to control the quality of the materials, to correct the steps of operation, and to enhance the product qualification ratio and production efficiency.

2. Maxdge will formulate reasonable production tasks and time according to market demand, so that most product types will be stocked with 500 to 1000pcs.

3. Maxdge’s ordinary delivery time is about 2 weeks. In the case of sufficient materials, our daily production capacity can be finished reach to 2000-3000pcs.

Quality: Maxdge has been adhering to the concept of quality first for so many years. We mainly control from the following aspects:

1. Strict selection of raw material suppliers, quality control of raw materials;

2. Design scheme of R & D department, mold development cooperation, formulation and optimization of production process;

3. In order to improve production efficiency and product qualification rate, Maxdge pays attention to staff training, learning, and operation process;

4. All products of Maxdge will be aged 1 to 2 hours before shipment to ensure that there are no quality problems.

Service: Maxdge is committed to provide customers with a full range of services, maintain a humble learning service attitude, and do smile to serve every customer.

1. In the process of serving customers, Maxdge always be patient and friendly, carefully introduce the characteristics and use methods of our company's products to customers;

2. Maxdge answers every question from customers seriously and responsibly, and timely adopt customer feedback or suggestions then improve our products performance in next future;

3. Any quality problems of product, Maxdge will provide new product replacement at first time. Then Maxdge will recall the problem product to the factory for further analysis and study to avoid the same or similar problems in other products in the future.

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