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What is a Clitoral Vibrator ?


Maxdge is a professional Clitoral Vibrator manufacturer in China, we focus on sex toys manufacturing more than 18 years.

Actually Clitoral Vibrator is an adult sex toy which is primarily providing sexual pleasure and experience for woman. It is usually powered by batteries and stimulates the genitals through vibrating, patting, sucking, etc., thus providing users with a pleasant experience.

What are the features of Maxdge Clitoral Vibrator?

1.Safety material: Maxdge always choose food grade liquid silicone which has passed FDA and RoHS, in order to make sure that is healthy and safety when using our Clitoral Vibrator;

2.With our masterly silicone production technology, Maxdge designs the Clitoral Vibrator appearance more flexibly based on the structure;

3.Maxdge always design kinds of function for Clitoral Vibrator to bring consumers whole new experience according to the markets, such as vibrating, patting, sucking, rotating, retracting, etc.;

4.Lastly and most importantly, our quality of Clitoral Vibrator is stable and reliable and conforms to CE certification standard.

When you are choosing Clitoral Vibrator supplier, we believe that Maxdge is your right choice!

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